"You can't imagine what it feels like to have someone come to your rescue at such a needed time." edw&law

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We help single African American mothers achieve economic independence so that they can provide for their children and give them hope for the future." 

African American Independence Single Mother's Program

"Statistics may not define who a woman is, but they do say something about the obstacles she has to overcome to win the race."

- Anonymous


A poor child starts life at a disadvantage that can be difficult to overcome. He or she is more likely to have difficulty in school and more likely to become a teen parent. He or she is also more likely to remain poor as an adult. It's called the poverty cycle, and it can be difficult to break free from without help.

One out of two African American children living in single-mother homes live in poverty, and some 65% of African American children live in single mother households.

As the sage says, these statistics may not define who the black child will become, but they do say something about the obstacles he or she will have to overcome to succeed.

Aid For Starving Children is about giving African-American children in single-mother households a better opportunity to run the race. We believe that to help the child we must help the mother break the cycle of poverty that entraps both. To this end we sponsor programs that meet critical needs, develop life and work skills, and strengthen relationships with church and community to provide support and accountability over the long term.

Featured Program:
Samaritan Outreach (Dayton, OH)

 Emergency Assistance Fund (US Residents Only)

Aid For Starving Children provides a limited number of small cash grants to help qualified African American single mothers meet emergency financial needs.

You must meet the minimum qualifications and submit a completed application with all required documentation in order to be considered for this program.

Minimum qualifications include the following:


You must be an African American single mother living in the United States.


You must have at least one child under the age of 17 living with you.


You should be currently employed (this requirement may be waived under certain emergency conditions).


You must be able to document that you have sought and been unable to obtain help from family or other local sources.


You have an emergency need such as an overdue rent or mortgage payment, an overdue utility bill (gas or electric), critical car maintenance or repair, or critical medical needs. Similar type emergencies may also qualify.

Needs we will NOT consider include: household and personal expenses such as food, clothing, furniture, etc.; education and business expenses; gifts; and credit card payments.

If you meet these minimum qualifications, please print out the attached instructions and application. Please follow all instructions carefully. Due to limited resources, incomplete applications may be rejected without further notice.

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