"I never look at the masses as my responsibility.  I look only at the individual.  I can love only one person at a time.  I can feed only one person at a time.  Just one, one, one." Mother Teresa

 Every year, 2.6 million children under 5 die of hunger

Every 12 seconds a child dies of starvation



        Malnutrition is implicated in more than half of all child deaths worldwide

For only 15 cents we can fill a child's plate with life-saving food

One out of six children in developing countries is underweight


Changing Their Lives Forever

  • 2.6 million deaths of children under 5 each year due to undernutrition.
  • Every 12 seconds a child under 5 dies of hunger.
  • One in four of the world's children are stunted.
  • 23 million children go to school hungry in Africa alone.

(Source: World Food Program)

Starving Children: The Silent Epidemic

2.6 million children under 5 die of hunger every year. That’s over 7000 little boys and girls every day! We read this data and are stunned.  What can we do about 2.6 million children? We shake our heads. We say a brief prayer. We walk away. The figure is simply overwhelming.

But what if we told you that it is not “numbers” that are starving, but that it is an emaciated infant named Alex Besa who was discovered after being dumped in a trash heap in Lusaka, Zambia? Can you do something to help Alex?

And what if we told you that for only 15 cents you could fill a child’s plate with nourishing food? You don’t feel helpless any longer, do you?

We are not asking you to save millions of children. We are working to save ONE CHILD AT A TIME from the ravages of malnutrition. We are asking you to join us in the fight against childhood hunger in such places as South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia, Haiti and the Philippines.  This is the sole purpose of Aid for Starving Children:  To bring life-saving food to the most vulnerable and at risk children in some of the poorest places in the world.  

Five children dying of hunger every minute—that's over 1600 a day - must stop! Your action today can save a child’s life. Please join us in making a difference!

ASC supports emergency feeding programs in Ethiopia and South Sudan. Natural disasters, most often drought, increasing food prices, lack of agricultural infrastructure and poverty prevent families from thriving and keep children hungry in places like Ethiopia. In South Sudan, war and political unrest add to the problem. Large numbers of refugees fleeing the violence settle in informal camps under trees or along rivers with no means of supporting themselves. We seek out the neediest families, those that are not being helped by anyone else, and bring survival packages of food, tarps for shelters and water containers.

In Kenya, Uganda and Zambia ASC supports food programs at schools and orphanages. It is impossible to run a school in any of these places without feeding the children at least once a day. Most of them come from desperately poor homes where there is not enough food for everybody. For them, the meal at school is the only meal of the day. But keeping the children fed is the biggest challenge for our project partners, and the largest budget item.

The Haitian projects we support include a community food program that prepares more than 1600 meals a day for needy children and a rescue clinic for starving children. Natural disasters, disease and lack of education, infrastructure and economic opportunity keep families struggling for survival. Similar problems prevent many people in the Philippines from breaking the cycle of poverty. We support a center for abused children and a supplemental feeding program for children in the community.

Please, help us save children's lives today. 

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